Computer Ergonomics
Elementary School

Teachers - How to Do It

Most computer workstations will need some type of adjustment to fit all sizes of elementary school students.

If you need ideas on how to arrange workstation layout in the classroom and the computer lab (if you do not have furniture and equipment that already fit your students), take a look at these case studies:

Desk  desk  desk

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If you need ideas on how to add workstation-flexibility accessories take a look at these accessories you and your students can create:

  • Keyboard and mouse tray
  • Wrist rest
  • Mouse platform
  • Booster seats
  • Back pillow
  • Foot rests
  • Document holder
  • Non-sliding book cover

You can buy all of these office accessories for adults, except the non-sliding book cover. That is a student invention!

There are still very few inexpensive, flexible, and durable accessories designed for elementary school students. Making these accessories in schools and classrooms teaches students how to easily and inexpensively solve problems related to computer workstation setup.