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Appendix A - Facility of Choice

Word document Facility of Choice Checklist

Appendix B - Safe Resident Handling flow chart

PDF Safe Resident Handling component flow chart

Appendix C - Injury Evaluation Tools

Excel workbook Injury calculation data sheet

Word document Injury measure checklist

Appendix D - Preintervention Data Collection

PDF Symptom survey

Word document Symptom survey

Word document Discrepancy survey for Management

Word document Discrepancy survey for staff

Word document Family satisisfaction survey

Word document Injury data breakdown

Word document Resident satisfaction survey

Word document Worker input questionnaire

Appendix E - Priniples of Safe Resident Handling

Word document Evaluaion Form - Introductory Training

Appendix F - Safe Resident Handling Adminstrors evaluation

Word document Evaluaion Form - Management Training

Appendix G - Needs Assessment

Word document Administrative Checklist

Word document Equipment Use Inventory

Word document Facilities Design Checklist

Word document Prioritizing High Risk tasks

Word document Unit Profile and Space

Appendix H - Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Word document Assessment Instructions

Word document Assessment work sheet

Word document Observational assessment

Word document Evaluation form - Ergonomic training


Word document Summary of Facility Needs and Risk

Appendix I - Equipment evaluation

Word document Equipment purchase considerations

Word document Equipment Sign up sheet

Word document Product Ranking form

Word document Product Rating form

Appendix J - Safe Resident Handling policy

PDF Safe patient handling and movement policy - draft

Appendix K - Safe Resident Handling program implementation

Word document Program implementation timeline

Appendix L - Competence Assessment

Word document Competence Assessment

Venterans Affair Documents

Word document Technology Resource guide

PDF Movement Algorithms

PDF Ergonomics Guide Part One

PDF Ergonomics Guide Part Two