Safety Begins with ME!

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The Mid-Willamette Metals Consortium recognizes the need for safety to be more than an institutional program. Safety is also an employee mind set and commitment that must be present every day in all that we do. Safety Begins with ME! was designed to help employees understand the central role they play in creating a safe work environment. It introduces basic ways that every employee can help create a safe work culture.

slideThis program consists of four 1-hour modules. These modules should be delivered at least a week apart in order to allow time to complete application assignments made at the end of each module. Sessions may be presented to mixed groups of supervisors and employees since the concepts and skills are universal in their application. In addition to the 4 hours of classroom time, participants will need 1-2 hours between sessions to complete application exercises. Some of these need to be led by supervisors or team leaders.

This program should first be previewed by the Senior Executive or Shop Owner. His/her support is critical in order to ensure the success of the program. Be sure the organization is committed to provide:

  • Classroom time (approximately 4 hours);
  • On-the-job application time (1-2 hours following modules1, 2, and 3); and
  • Support for the initiatives introduced within this program (i.e. where to post the Safety Suggestion log and the review process your shop will follow).


Download the entire program (zip folder 212 MB)
All files below are included in this zipped folder

Leader's Guide


Participant Handout (doc)

Safety Posters (pdf)


Worksheets (doc)

Audio (mp3)

Video (mpg)

"Work Place Safety" (wmv)


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