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October 2013

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Central Conference focuses on workplace safety culture

Keynote speaker Shawn Galloway challenged attendees of the Central Oregon Conference in Redmond to become better safety leaders in their organizations.

"Even though well intended, most organizations work hard to fail less rather than achieve success in safety," said Galloway. "We tend to measure and motivate the wrong things and most strategies aren't effectively aligned to solicit the discretionary effort vital for sustaining excellence."

Galloway, co-author of STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence and award-winning workplace safety expert, has produced more than 300 podcasts, 100 articles, and 30 videos on the subject of safety excellence in culture and performance.

In a separate presentation, Gary McDonough, a retired employee of Georgia-Pacific, Toledo, shared how the company reacted and changed their culture after two fatalities in 1993.

"We picked all the low-hanging fruit in a year," he said. "Then the hard part of putting a safety program in place to prevent injuries began."

The annual conference, held Sept. 18-19, offered a number of workshops specific to firefighters, such as respiratory protection, fatigue management, and best practices for live fire training.

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