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​Becoming a VPP company

Employers that have been in business for more than a year and that have a safety committee are eligible to apply for the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). Construction projects longer than 30 months may also apply. At a minimum, applicants must have a comprehensive and well-functioning safety and health management system. Also, an applicant’s three-year average total case incidence rate and three-year combined overall average injury and illness lost workday case incidence rate must be at or below the Oregon rate for that industry.

Application, approval, inspection exemption

If you believe your safety and health management system will qualify, then you may get an application packet​​. Submit two copies of your application to:

Oregon OSHA VPP/SHARP Program Manager
1840 Barnett Road, Suite D
Medford, OR 97504-8293. 

Applicants are expected to describe their safety and health program in detail. If your application is approved, you will receive a notice and Oregon OSHA will set up a thorough on-site visit with you. Your company will then be removed from routine scheduled inspection lists for the duration of your participation. Note: Oregon OSHA will still investigate major accidents, valid employee complaints, and chemical spills.


The benefits of becoming a VPP company include up to 80 percent fewer workday injuries than expected of an average site of the same size and industry; reduced workers’ compensation costs; recognition in the community; and improved employee motivation to work safely.​

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Mar​k Hurliman
Oregon OSHA VPP/SHARP program manager

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