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By taking this online Safety Committees and Meetings program, you will learn about what your business is required to adopt for your safety needs. You will discover details about the number of members for your committee and how often you should meet. We will also discuss the functions needed to be performed as a safety committee member or while attending a safety meeting.

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Module content

  • What businesses must have a safety committee or safety meeting
  • Whether you should have a safety committee or safety meetings
  • The options for multi-site employers
  • Rules for agricultural employers
  • Who needs to attend safety meetings
  • How often you need to meet
  • What you do during safety meetings
  • Keeping meeting minutes
  • Meeting minutes and multi-employer worksites
  • Who should be a member of a safety committee
  • Requirements for safety committee members
  • How many safety committee members your business needs
  • What a safety committees does


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This course has been approved for CEUs. More info available here.​

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