Health and Safety Resource

​August-September 2017


The person who takes the minutes at our safety committee meetings is responsible only for that task and has no other involvement in the committee. Is that person required to take accident investigation and hazard identification training that is required for the active members?

Oregon OSHA’s safety committee rules do not specifically require people to be an active safety committee member if their only duty is to take minutes. If your committee has the appropriate number of active and properly trained members, another person can take the minutes. Your safety committee charter can state that another employee will take minutes each meeting. This person would not be a voting member and could be a different person each month.

Safety committee minutes must be kept for three years and include:

  • The meeting date
  • The names of attendees
  • All safety and health issues discussed
  • Recommendations for corrective action and a reasonable date by which management agrees to respond
  • The person responsible for follow up on any recommended corrective actions
  • All reports, evaluations, and recommendations made by the committee