Health and Safety Resource

​October-November 2017

Are portable fire extinguishers required on forklifts?

Oregon OSHA’s workplace safety and health rules do not require forklifts to be equipped with portable fire extinguishers. However, if you decide to put a portable fire extinguisher on a forklift, Oregon OSHA’s portable fire extinguisher rules for general industry apply.

Does Oregon OSHA have a PPE dress code that requires journeyman electricians to wear long pants when they are working?

Oregon OSHA does not establish dress codes. Long pants may be necessary to protect the employee, but generally the employer must make the decision based on the hazard. Two Oregon OSHA rules set the requirements:

  • Oregon OSHA’s Personal Protective Equipment rule437-002-0134, Personal protective equipment – requires employers to determine if “hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) or other protective equipment.” If such hazards are present, then the employer must select the appropriate PPE and require the employee to use it.
  • Oregon OSHA rules for electrical work – see 1910.335 Safeguards for Personnel Protection – require that when employees are working in areas where there are potential electrical hazards, they must be provided with and use PPE that is appropriate for the “specific parts of the body” and “the work to be performed.”

Also, the National Fire Protection Association’s National Electric Code – NFPA 70E – describes the PPE necessary when arc flash and arc blast hazards are possible.

It is the responsibility of the employer to make these determinations, train properly, and provide the proper PPE.