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Subdivision A, General Subjects

437-004-0001 to 437-004-009 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 4-2010

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0001 Application A-1
437-004-0002 Scope A-1
437-004-0003 Exclusive Coverage A-2
437-004-0005 Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records A-2
437-004-0099 General Standards A-3

Subdivision B, Definitions

Administrative Order 3-2014

437-004-0100 to 437-004-0150 PDF or Word

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0100 Universal Definitions B-1
437-004-0150 Standards Organizations B-7

Subdivision C, Safety Awareness

437-004-0240 to 437-004-0251 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 4-2010

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0240 Safety Orientation for Seasonal Workers C-1
437-004-0251 Safety Committees and Safety Meetings C-2

Subdivision D, Work Surfaces

437-004-0310 to 437-004-0390 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2006

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0310 Working Surfaces D-1
437-004-0320 Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes D-2
437-004-0330 Fixed Industrial Stairs D-8
437-004-0340 Portable Ladders D-11
437-004-0350 Orchard Ladders D-17
437-004-0360 Fixed Ladders D-18
437-004-0370 Scaffolding D-29
437-004-0380 Manually Propelled Mobile Ladder Stands and Scaffolds (Towers) D-39
437-004-0390 Other Working Surfaces D-40

Subdivision E, Exits/Plans

437-004-0405 to 437-004-0450 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2006

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0405 Exits and Emergency Action Plan E-1
437-004-0450 Emergency Action Plan E-2

Subdivision F, Manlifts

437-004-0570 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 4-1998

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0570 Manlifts F-1

Subdivision G, Health/Environment

437-004-0610 to 437-004-0650 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2006

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0610 Ventilation G-1
437-004-0630 Noise Exposure G-1
437-004-0650 Ionizing Radiation G-6

Subdivision H, Hazardous Materials

437-004-0710 to 437-004-0950 PDF or Word

Administrave Order 3-2014

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-0710 Compressed Gases H-1
437-004-0715 Acetylene H-2
437-004-0716 Oxygen H-2
437-004-0717 Hydrogen H-7
437-004-0720 Flammable Liquids H-7
437-004-0725 Spray Finishing H-15
437-004-0770 Explosives and Blasting Agents H-17
437-004-0780 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases H-17
437-004-0790 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Natural Gas in Fields and Orchards H-68
437-004-0800 Storage and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia H-69
437-004-0950 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response H-89

Subdivision I, Protective Equipment

437-004-1005 to 437-004-1075 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 4-2012

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-1005 General Requirements I-1
437-004-1020 Personal Fall Protection I-4
437-004-1030 Work Clothing I-6
437-004-1035 Eye and Face Protection I-7
437-004-1041 Respiratory Protection I-8
  Appendix A - Fit Testing Procedures (Mandatory) I-27
  Appendix B-1 - User Seal Check Procedures (Mandatory) I-47
  Appendix B-2 - Respirator Cleaning Procedures (Mandatory) I-49
  Appendix C - Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (Mandatory) - English I-51
  Apendice C - Cuestionario De Evaluacion Medica Respiratoria (Obligatorio) - Spanish I-59
  Appendix D - Information for Employees Voluntarily Using Respirators (Mandatory) - English I-67
  Apendice D - Informacion Para Trabajadores Que Usan Respiradores Voluntariamente (Obligatorio) - Spanish I-69
437-004-1050 Head Protection I-71
437-004-1060 Hand and Foot Protection I-71
437-004-1070 Working Underway on Water I-73
437-004-1075 Working Over or in Water I-74
Appendix A to Subdivision I - Non mandatory Sample Hazard Assessment for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) I-75

Subdivision J, Work Environment

437-004-1105 to 437-004-1275 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 4-2011

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-1105 Sanitation J-1
437-004-1110 Field Sanitation for Hand Labor Work J-4
437-004-1120 Agricultural Labor Housing and Related Facilities J-7
437-004-1140 Lighting J-26
437-004-1150 Safety Colors for Marking Physical Hazards J-26
437-004-1180 Accident Prevention Signs J-26
437-004-1250 Confined and Hazardous Spaces J-29
437-004-1260 Manure Lagoons, Storage Ponds, Vats, Pits and Separators J-32
437-004-1275 The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) J-34
  Appendix A J-43

Subdivision K, Medical/First Aid

437-004-1305 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 4-2010

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-1305 Medical Services and First Aid K-1

Subdivision L, Fire

437-004-1430 to 437-004-1470 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 3-2014

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-1430 Sources of Fire L-1
437-004-1440 Required Postings L-2
437-004-1450 Extinguishers L-3
437-004-1460 Fire Prevention Plan L-4
437-004-1470 Employee Equipment and Training L-4

Subdivision M, Compressed Gasses

437-004-1505 to 437-004-1525 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 4-1998

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-1505 Air Receivers and Pressure Systems M-1
437-004-1525 Boilers and Steam Systems M-3

Subdivision N, Material Handling

437-004-1610 to 437-004-1825 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 3-2014

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-1610 General Requirements N-1
437-004-1630 Conveyors N-3
437-004-1670 Automotive Hoists N-4
437-004-1680 Storage of Hazardous Chemicals N-4
437-004-1700 Forklifts and Other Powered Industrial Trucks N-6
437-004-1750 Helicopters N-12
437-004-1805 Rope, Chain, Rigging, and Hoists N-14
437-004-1825 Tackle and Hoisting Equipment N-15

Subdivision O, Equipment Guarding

437-004-1910 to 437-004-2100 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2006

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-1910 General Equipment Guarding O-1
437-004-1940 Farm Field Equipment O-3
437-004-1970 Farmstead Equipment O-5
437-004-2000 Powered Saws O-8
437-004-2100 Grinders O-11

Subdivision P, Small Tools

437-004-2220 to 437-004-2260 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 7-2008

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-2220 General Requirements - Small Tools P-1
437-004-2230 Guarding of Portable Powered Tools P-2
437-004-2240 Power Lawnmowers P-14
437-004-2260 Other Portable Tools and Equipment P-16

Subdivision Q, Welding

437-004-2310 to 437-004-2400 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 2-2010

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-2310 General Requirements Q-1
437-004-2350 Oxygen-Fuel Gas Welding and Cutting Q-6
437-004-2400 Arc Welding and Cutting Q-12

Subdivision S, Electricity

437-004-2810 to 437-004-3075 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2006

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-2810 General Requirements S-1
437-004-2850 Temporary Lighting and Wiring S-2
437-004-2860 Flexible Cable and Extension Cords S-3
437-004-2870 Attachment Plugs and Receptacles S-4
437-004-2880 Cord and Plug-Connected Equipment S-5
437-004-2900 Grounding and Bonding S-6
437-004-2950 Switches and Circuit Breakers S-7
437-004-3000 Identification and Load Ratings S-8
437-004-3050 Work Near Overhead Lines S-8
437-004-3075 Agricultural Buildings with Special Hazards S-9

Subdivision T, Miscellaneous

437-004-3100 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2006

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-3100 Excavation T-1

Subdivision U, Vehicles

437-004-3410 to 437-004-3660 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2006

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-3410 Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Vehicles U-1
  Appendix A to 437-004-3410, Specific Equipment U-9
437-004-3420 Working from Vehicles and Vehicle Loads U-11
437-004-3430 Training for Agriculture Tractor Operators U-11
437-004-3460 Industrial Vehicles U-12
437-004-3480 Bridges, Roads and Ramps U-12
437-004-3550 Servicing Multipiece and Single Piece Rim Wheels U-13
437-004-3600 Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) for Tractors in Agriculture U-13
437-004-3650 Roll-Over Protective Structures - Industrial Vehicles U-17
437-004-3660 Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms U-18

Subdivision W, Worker Protection Standard

437-004-6000, §170.1-§170.260 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 9-2009

- EPA posters, Protect Yourself from Pesticides Link goes to the EPA website

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-6000 Adoption by Reference of Federal Standard W-1
Subpart A - General Provisions
§170.1 Scope and Purpose W-3
§170.3 Definitions W-3
§170.5 Effective Date and Compliance Dates W-6
§170.7 General Duties and Prohibited Actions W-7
§170.9 Violations of this Part W-7
Subpart B - Standard for Workers
§170.102 Applicability of this Subpart W-9
§170.103 Exceptions W-9
§170.104 Exemptions W-10
§170.110 Restrictions Associated with Pesticide Applications W-12
§170.112 Entry Restrictions W-14
§170.120 Notice of Applications W-22
§170.122 Providing Specific Information About Applications W-26
§170.124 Notice of Applications to Handler Employers W-27
§170.130 Pesticide Safety Training for Workers W-27
§170.135 Posted Pesticide Safety Information W-30
§170.150 Decontamination W-32
§170.160 Emergency Assistance W-34
Subpart C - Standard for Pesticide Handlers
§170.202 Applicability of this Subpart W-35
§170.203 Exceptions W-35
§170.204 Exemptions W-36
§170.210 Restrictions During Applications W-38
§170.222 Providing Specific Information About Applications W-39
§170.224 Notice of Applications to Agricultural Employers W-39
§170.230 Pesticide Safety Training for Handlers W-40
§170.232 Knowledge of Labeling and Site-Specific Information W-42
§170.234 Safe Operation of Equipment W-43
§170.235 Posted Pesticide Safety Information W-43
§170.240 Personal Protective Equipment W-45
§170.250 Decontamination W-51
§170.260 Emergency Assistance W-53

Subdivision Z, Chemical/Toxins

437-004-9000 to 437-004-9860 PDF or Word

Administrative Order 3-2014

Rule number Rule name   Page #  
437-004-9000 Air Contaminants Z-1
  Table Z-1 Z-5
  Table Z-2 Z-25
  Table Z-3 Z-27
437-004-9010 Fumigated Areas Z-29
437-004-9050 Asbestos Z-31
437-004-9090 13 Carcinogens Z-32
437-004-9600 Lead Z-32
437-004-9620 Cadmium Z-35
437-004-9626 Chromium (VI) Z-35
437-004-9640 Benzene Z-36
437-004-9650 Bloodborne Pathogens Z-37
437-004-9710 Acrylonitrile Z-38
437-004-9720 Thiram Z-38
437-004-9740 Ethylene Oxide Z-43
437-004-9760 Formaldehyde Z-44
437-004-9780 Methylenedianiline Z-44
437-004-9800 Hazard Communication Standard for Agricultural Employers Z-44
437-004-9830 Retention of Department of Transportation (DOT) Markings, Placards and Labels Z-59
437-004-9850 Pipe Labeling Z-59
437-004-9860 Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories Z-65

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