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​The Construction Advisory Committee was formed in the summer of 2001 to strengthen the partnership of Oregon OSHA and the private sector. The group's mission is to address safety issues affecting the construction industry. Members of the group include representatives of labor, employers, trade organizations, and government agencies. The committee meets monthly.

The committee quickly developed a goal and vision for future work: "To create a partnership between Oregon OSHA and construction employers, organizations, and employee groups to identify and implement improvements necessary to prevent injury or illness."

The committee works with other organizations involved in the industry's safety efforts, keeping them informed so that all can work toward the common goal of preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. The committee also identifies new safety and health concerns, drawing on the resources of the representatives and their organizations to resolve them.

The group regularly discusses what Oregon OSHA calls uniformity issues. These discussions are meant to ensure that workplace safety and health rules are interpreted and enforced uniformly throughout Oregon.

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The Construction Advisory Committee also wants to serve you: If you have workplace safety or health concerns you want the committee to address, please contact Jeff Wilson

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