Penalties Adjustments​ Advisory Committee

At the September 2017 meeting we outlined the rulemaking that we are considering related to adjustments to the maximum penalties that can be cited. This rulemaking is in response to federal legislation passed by congress in November of 2015 that required OSHA to increase penalties and tie future increases to the Consumer Price Index. This rule making is also in response to Oregon Senate Bill 92 passed in the most recent session. This will ensure the maximum penalties remain an effective enforcement tool in the future. As a state plan Oregon OSHA is required to administer a program that is as effective as the Federal plan.

This rulemaking would conceivably have a significant initial increase to “catch up”, so to speak, and would allow smaller adjustments to occur in the future without having to go through the Oregon legislative process each time.​​

Draft 437-001-0135 Evaluation of Probability to Establish Penalties​ (10/01/2017)