January 15, 1997

Don Shannon
Bachofner Electric
55 S.E. Main St
Portland OR 97214

Dear Mr Shannon

Thank you for contacting us regarding OR-OSHA's position on the use of the Assured Grounding Program at construction sites. The assured grounding program as discussed in 1926.404(b)(iii) is allowed in Oregon. The State of Oregon Electrical Specialty Code article 305 paragraph 918-305-0170, that you provided a copy of, also informs the users of this code that OR-OSHA has the responsibility for enforcing this standard.

Under separate cover Bob Thiessen has sent you a Division 3 construction standard as you requested in your fax to us. This standard contains information on the assured grounding program in subpart K Electrical.

For further information contact Bob Thiessen at 378-3272. You are also invited to see the OR-OSHA pages on the Internet at www.cbs.state.or.us/external/osha/index.html.


Marilyn K. Schuster, Manager
Standards & Technical Resources Section
Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Division