January 8, 1997

Fred Bates
Pacific Hand Tool Repair, Inc
PO Box 952
Wilsonville OR 97070

Dear Mr. Bates:

This is in response to your October 21, 1996 letter in which you ask if the linkage type lower blade guard used by Home Depot is an acceptable guard for use on your radial arm saws. Any lower blade guard that meets all of the conditions described in our April 30, 1991 letter to Mr McKaughan (copy enclosed) would be acceptable to OR-OSHA.

The guard observed by Jerry Hoard on the Salem Home Depot's radial arm saw was of the aluminum linkage type that covered all of the blade's teeth. As installed, when pushed from the side, the guard would not come in contact with the saw blade. Like any guard, if not properly adjusted and maintained in good operating condition it may be in violation of the standard at a future time.

It would meet ANSI 01.1 and OAR 437-03-1926.304(f) if properly installed as to the manufacturer's specifications and so maintained. These two standards, however, apply only to construction. The saw at Home Depot would be required to meet the requirements of 1910.213(h) which parallel those in the construction standards. A copy of this standard is also enclosed.

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Marilyn K. Schuster, Manager
Standards & Technical Resources Section
Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Division