January 16, 1997

Tracy L. Hamer
Risk Control Consultant
Sedgwick James of Oregon, Inc.
111 Southwest Columbia
Portland, OR 97201-5897

Dear Mr Hamer

Thank you for contacting us regarding the labeling requirement for containers of chemicals. Thestandard 1910.1200(f)(5) requires that all containers be labeled which would include buckets ofwindshield washing solution that would be used by employees in a gas station environment. Theidentity of the material in the container would need to be sufficiently identified on the label sothat employees could use the information on the label to locate the Material Safety Data Sheet. Ifa container of liquid is mixed and used completely by a single individual, than labeling of thesecondary container is not required.

For further information contact Bob Thiessen at 378-3272. You are also invited to see the OR-OSHA pages on the Internet at www.cbs.state.or.us/external/osha/index.html.


Marilyn K. Schuster, Manager
Standards & Technical Resources Section
Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Division