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COVID-19 Training Requirements online course

This multimedia course is designed to help employers meet 4 of the 10* employee training requirements found in Oregon OSHA’s Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks

The course begins with an explanation of the dangers of COVID-19 and why the temporary rule came into existence. This course is divided into 4 modules: Introduction, Signs, Symptoms and Transmission, Control Measures, and Conclusion.

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Module content

​​​​​​This module explains how to properly navigate this course and what its purpose is. It begins with an explanation of the dangers of COVID-19 and the events that prompted Oregon OSHA to develop a temporary rule. It finishes with a brief overview of the training requirements found in the temporary rule that the course includes.

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​​​​​This module covers important information about the signs, symptoms, and transmission of COVID-19. Like other diseases, COVID-19 is contagious and will spread rapidly if control measures are not established. We’ll learn what happens when someone contracts COVID-19 and how it spreads to others.

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​​​This module addresses safe and healthy work practices to reduce COVID-19 hazards that workers face. Common examples include physical distancing, masks, cleaning, and proper ventilation. For these safe work practices to be effective, you and your employer must work together to implement these elements at your workplace and in all job functions.

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​​​​​In this final module, we’ll cover a few additional training topics from the rule before arriving at a set of quiz questions, a certificate of completion, and a survey where you will have the option to provide your input on the course.

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*The other 6 of the 10 employee training requirements are workplace-specific topics, and must be developed and provided by the employer. A training verification form is not required by the rule, but we are providing one as a courtesy. All 10 of the minimum training requirements are listed in this form. These include:

  • These requirements as they apply to the employee's workplace and job function(s):
    1. Physical distancing
    2. Mask, face covering, or face shield
    3. COVID-19 sanitation
  • These processes and procedures for the employee's workplace:
    1. COVID-19 signs and symptom reporting procedures
    2. COVID-19 infection notification process
    3. Medical removal
  • These COVID-19 disease specific topics covered in this online training:
    1. Characteristics and methods of transmission
    2. Signs and symptoms
    3. How COVID-19 is transmitted by pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic persons
    4. Safe and healthy work practices and control measures

The exposure risk assessment and infection control plan are tools that help map out the content for developing training for your employees.

The rule and all of the supporting documents, including examples, are available on our COVID-19 Resources page and on the Infectious Disease Rulemaking page.