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January 16, 2013

Rulemaking hearing

Rulemaking: Hearings scheduled on three Oregon OSHA proposed rules

Oregon OSHA is holding public hearings later this month in Bend (Jan. 24) and in Salem (Jan. 29 and 31) on three new proposed rules:


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in construction

Oregon OSHA is proposing to remove existing PPE requirements the construction standard and replace them with the PPE requirements in Division 2, Subdivision I of its general industry rules.

Hole Openings (including skylights) in general industry

Oregon OSHA is proposing a change to the requirements for holes in floors, roofs, and other walking/working surfaces (to include skylights and skylight screens). Currently, employers in construction and general industry follow different hole-cover strength criteria. Oregon OSHA will change the general industry requirements to be the same as the construction requirements in federal OSHA's proposal for walking working surfaces and personal protective equipment in the May 24, 2010, Federal Register.

Small capacity cranes in general industry

Oregon OSHA is proposing a new rule (437-002-0231, Crane Operator Safety Training Requirements, in Division 2, Subdivision N), which would give employers who use small-capacity mobile cranes an option for training crane operators. Under the proposed rule, employers could comply with the operator training requirements in 437-002-0231 or the requirements in 1926.1427, Operator qualification and certification, Division 3, Subdivision CC.

For more information about the hearings and the proposed rules, see the Proposed Rules page on Oregon OSHA's website.


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