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April 15, 2013


Fall protection Q&A: When can I use a safety monitor?

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You can use a safety monitor only to protect workers who do roofing work on roofs that have slopes no greater than 2:12 and widths no greater than 50 feet. Safety monitoring on roofs wider than 50 feet is not permitted unless a warning-line system also protects the workers.

The safety monitor, who must be a competent person, is responsible for:

Only those who are doing roofing work are permitted in the area controlled by the safety monitor. Mechanical equipment can't be used or stored in the area.

Where to go for more information:

Requirements for safety-monitoring systems for roofing work: 437-003-2502 (Division 3, Subdivision M)

Guidelines for determining roof widths: Appendix A to Subdivision M.


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