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June 24, 2013


Contractors, don't forget to protect your employees from falls

Fall protection

Gary Beck, Oregon OSHA's safety enforcement manager, wants employers to remember Oregon OSHA's requirements to protect construction workers from falls.

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New from NIOSH: Straight talk about nail gun safety

Straight talk about nail gun safety

The folks at NIOSH recently published "Straight talk about nail gun safety," a short comic book intended for workers that describes why nail guns are dangerous and how to use them safely. Real-life examples from residential building construction explain hazards associated with nail gun triggering systems and many nailing tasks. Go to article ...

Outdoor awareness for the summer


Friday, June 21, makes summer official. Here are a few reminders for folks who work outdoors:

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Sun, Heat, Poison oak, Bees and wasps

New hazard communication training program from the CPWR

CPWR hazard communication training course for construction

The CPWR (Center for Construction Training and Research) recently published a hazard communication training course for construction workers.

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Oregon OSHA apps in Google play

Safe Lifting Calculator and Ladder Safety apps

Oregon OSHA on Google Play Google play Apps by Oregon DCBS Safe Lifting Calculator App Ladder Safty App

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