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January 23, 2014


Pneumatic pipe plugs – select and use them safely


Last month, two contract workers for the city of Astoria were injured while they were performing pressure tests on a manhole as part of the city's combined sewer overflow project. An air-filled plug placed over the manhole while the tests were being performed blew out, striking one worker in the face and knocking down the worker.
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Wobble Lights – Read the manual before you use them

Wobble Light

The Wobblelight is a self-righting work light made by Petersen Brands that combines high-output lighting with versatility and ease of use. A number of Wobblelights are available including 120-watt Fluorescent, 175-watt Metal Halide, 400-watt Metal Halide, and 500-watt Halogen, 400-watt Metal Halide super-duty models.
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Cascade Occupational Safety and Health Conference coming to Eugene in April

Cascade conference logo

Employees, supervisors, and business owners are invited to a two-day conference April 2-3, 2014, in Eugene to highlight innovative workplace safety and health information and best practices.
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CPWR offers new Tool Box Talks

Tool Box Talk

The Center for Construction Research and Training (also known as CPWR) recently added a number of new items to its collection of Toolbox Talks. There are now 52 topics in the collection, one for each week of the year.
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New PESO training materials on GHS-aligned hazard communication

PESO Hazard Communication

Oregon OSHA's Education Section has new bilingual training materials available for employers with Hispanic workers. The new materials, which cover the key requirements in the GHS-aligned hazard communication standard, include a training module, overheads, and tail gate sheets.
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Employers invited to celebrate Safety Break for Oregon

Safety Break for Oregon logo

Oregon OSHA is encouraging employers across Oregon to promote safety and health in their workplace during Safety Break for Oregon on Wednesday, May 14, 2014. Employers can participate by hosting a safety training, award recognition event, or hands-on demonstrations.
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