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February 18, 2014


Preventing battery explosions

A battery that exploded while being charged

Consider this scenario: A worker uses a 12-volt battery charger to charge a 24-volt lead-acid battery. When the worker realizes that the 24-volt battery is not charging (after three to five minutes), he turns the charger off and the battery charger explodes. What caused the explosion?

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Using horizontal lifeline system for fall restraining in decking and leading edge work

horizontal lifeline system

How do you minimize the exposure to fall hazards when workers do decking and leading-edge work on a large, flat roof?

As most of you know, workers must be protected from falls when they work 10 feet or more above a lower level. However, conventional fall-protection systems – such as personal fall-arrest systems, safety nets, and guardrails may not be viable when workers are decking a large roof.

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Oregon OSHA issues seventh citation against Woodburn construction company for safety violations

Employee exposed to a fall of more than 20 feet

The fine was the result of an inspection on Oct. 9, 2013, at 3314 NE 52nd in Portland, where an employee was exposed to a fall of more than 20 feet.

The October 2013 inspection also resulted in violations for inadequate scaffold design, not ensuring employees wore safety glasses, and not holding safety committee meetings. The latter two issues were repeat violations.

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Keep informed about construction safety

SafeBuild Alliance and Construction Safety Summit

Interested in networking with other construction-industry professionals and learning about construction safety? There are two Portland-area organizations you should know about: the SafeBuild Alliance and the Construction Safety Summit.

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