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March 18, 2014


Impaired driving – lack of sleep will do it, too

five-minute reaction-time challenge

You know that drinking and driving don't mix. Did you know that driving when you're sleep deprived can have the same effect as alcohol? Being awake for 22 hours straight can slow your reaction time more than four drinks can. And just like alcohol, sleepiness impairs judgment, so you don't necessarily know you're impaired when you are.

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Blue Mountain safety conference coming to Pendleton

Blue Mountain logo

This year’s annual Blue Mountain Occupational Safety and Health Conference is scheduled for June 3 at the Pendleton Convention Center.

Keynote speaker at the event is Kina Repp, who lost her arm on her first day on the job at a food processing plant.

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The Building Trades National Medical Screening Program

Building Trades medical screening program

The Building Trades National Medical Screening Program helps identify health problems caused by hazardous substances that workers may have been exposed to when they were working on a Department of Energy site.

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Court of Appeals clarifies fall protection requirements for scaffold erectors and dismantlers

scaffold dismantle

Although paragraph 1926.451(g)(2) in Oregon OSHA’s scaffold standard is not a model of clarity, it implies that when fall protective equipment for erectors and dismantlers is feasible and safe, it must be installed and used.

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