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July 15, 2014


Preventing back-over accidents at construction sites

Preventing back over

NIOSH recently published a new safety practices guide aimed at reducing the number of back-over accidents at construction sites. The guide offers employers, contractors, workers, and vehicle manufacturers ways to reduce the risk of such accidents. Tips for employers:

The NIOSH guide also recommends the use of proximity warning systems and video cameras for construction vehicles, which make it easier for operators to detect workers on foot.

Oregon OSHA’s requirements for vehicles with obstructed views to the rear

This is a good time to remind readers about Oregon OSHA’s construction-industry rule for vehicles that have obstructed views to the rear: 437-003-3225(9), Warning Devices. The rule says that such vehicles must have a backup alarm that can be heard over surrounding noise. This does not apply when the vehicle backs up and an observer (or the operator) verifies that there is no one behind the vehicle and that no one will enter the "danger area" without the operator's knowledge. A similar requirement – 437-002-2225(9), Warning devices – applies to general-industry workplaces.

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