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August, 2014


How to dig your own grave

Roseburg Excavation

It may take a few hours to dig a trench, but a cave-in can trap and kill you in seconds.

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Using ladders last


Every year, more Oregon workers are injured in falls from ladders than from any other elevated surface.

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Tool box topics: Powder-actuated tools

Power-actuated tool

The history of powder-actuated tools goes back to 1915, when Englishman Robert Temple invented an explosively actuated device that the Navy used for underwater tasks such as fastening metal sheets over leaking and damaged ships’ hulls.

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Trigger heights: When to protect workers from falling

Fall protection

What is this year's most frequently violated construction-industry rule in Oregon? If you are thinking "fall protection," you are correct.

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Public hearing on confined space standard: Aug. 25

Confined space hearing

Oregon OSHA will hold a public hearing Aug. 25 on proposed changes to its confined space standard for general industry and construction.

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