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September 16, 2014


Repairing a broken hand tool? Check with the manufacturer first.

duct tape

If you break the wood handle on your trusty sledge hammer, should you replace it with a new one or try to repair it yourself?

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An accident waiting to happen.

spider box

Let's assume you are working at a construction site and your supervisor asks you to get four spider boxes and four 50-foot temporary power cords from the back of the equipment trailer and hook them up.

You have not hooked up spider boxes before but you think it is just a matter of plugging them together with the four temporary power cords.

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Ladder safety: Be careful on those top steps.

fall from ladder

An electrician was using a 6-foot step ladder to install some wiring up in an 11-foot-high suspended ceiling. He was standing on the second step from the top of the ladder, reaching out to clip some flex from a wire and using another ceiling wire for balance.

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Don't forget. Call before you dig.

Call before you dig

What is first thing you should do before you dig that hole in the ground? Call 811 to make sure that you won't be digging into a buried oil or gas pipeline, an electric or fiber optic cable, a telephone, or a water main.

A call to the One Call Center provides you with critical information about buried utility lines and protects you from liability if a utility line is damaged.

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Deadline approaching for GOSH Award nominations

GOSH Awards

Time is running out to nominate a safety standout for the 2015 Oregon Governor's Occupational Safety and Health (GOSH) Conference Awards. Applications are due Oct. 1, 2014 and will honor employers and individuals for exemplary safety and health performance.

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