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October 16, 2014


Harris Products recalls welding torch handles due to fire hazard

image of a torch handle

Do you have any welding torch handles sold under the Lincoln Electric or Harris Products Group brand names?

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Oregon OSHA's new fall distance educator

screen shot of fall distance educator web page

Do you know how far you can fall when you are using a shock-absorbing lanyard? Oregon OSHA recently introduced a new animated application called the fall distance educator that shows you how to calculate your fall distance and your free-fall distance.

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Q&A: Suspending equipment from a crane overnight

image of Cranes and derricks in construction publication cover


Do Oregon OSHA rules allow me to suspend work-related equipment from a crane overnight?

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Who is responsible for safety at a multi-employer construction site?

image of construction workers

The short answer is that all employers are responsible for safety at the site; they have obligations to their own employees and to the employees of other contractors. Some of those obligations are established in contracts between the contractors and some are set by the employer's responsibilities under the Oregon Safe Employment Act. It is worth noting that an employer cannot use the contract to transfer away the "safety portion" of its responsibilities for the work it performs. Read article »


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