Safety and health newsletter for the Oregon construction industry

November 17, 2014


Keys to effective safety supervision

Man in yellow hard hat and vest a woman with red hard hat and clipboard

The front-line supervisor is considered by many to play a pivotal role in worker protection. Oregon OSHA's Craig Hamelund offers four tips on how to make safety supervision an effective part of your safety program.

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Fall protection tops construction industry's most frequent violated rules - again

'Wear your safety harness.' Picture by Wyatt Stapleton, age 7

Overall, fall-protection rules account for 45 percent of the top 25 construction-industry violations issued this year. Most are serious or repeat violations.

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Rulemaking updates

worker in confined space

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The terminal velocity of a tape measure and other facts about falling objects

terminal velocity calculation graphic

Earlier this month, a New Jersey man was killed by a one-pound tape measure that a construction worker dropped from the top of a building 400 feet above him. The plummeting tape measure ricocheted off a piece of metal and struck him in the head as he was getting out of his vehicle. The blow knocked him unconscious and he died later at a hospital.

How fast was that tape measure moving before it struck its unfortunate victim?

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