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December 15, 2014


A simple way to lower noise levels: add distance

a graphic representing sound waves

Workplace safety and health specialists will tell you that engineering controls are the best way to control noise. When you replace a noisy machine with a quiet one, modify the machine to make it quieter, or change the sound path so that the sound is not as intense when it reaches the listener, you are using an engineering control.

See how distance affects the sound levels of a variety of workplace sounds with this interactive infographic from Oregon OSHA.

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Rules update: Oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting

welding tip and sparks

Oregon OSHA recently adopted a new rule, 437-002-2253, covering oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting. The new rule applies to employers who do general industry and construction work. Previously, there were separate rules for general industry employers and construction employers.

Key requirements in 437-002-2253:

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Powder-actuated tools: Oregon OSHA requirements and ANSI guidelines

cartriges for power-actuated tools

Oregon OSHA's construction industry requirements for powder-actuated tools - 1926.302(e), Powder-actuated tools - are essentially the same as the requirements set by federal OSHA. You will find the single exception in 1926.302(e)(12), which Oregon OSHA replaced with 437-003-0925, Powder-Actuated Tools in 1990.

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Want to share "safety" for the holidays? Give an Oregon OSHA app

graphic of start screen of portable ladder app

You can't put them under a tree or gift-wrap them, but Oregon OSHA apps may be just the thing to put someone on the path to a safer new year. Here are some suggestions:

Mobile apps ~ Desktop apps ~ Podcasts

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Construction safety summit coming to Bend in January

Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit logo

The 14th annual Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit is set for Jan. 26-27 at the Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center in Bend.

This year's summit will include a four-hour workshop on pesticide safety for agriculture employers and others who handle pesticides.

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Oregon OSHA shares "12 Days of Hazards" photo series on Facebook


Oregon OSHA is posting a new hazard photo from inspections each day as part of the "12 Days of Hazards" series on Facebook. Learn from some of the issues inspectors see in real workplaces by clicking over to the Oregon OSHA Facebook page:

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