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December 15, 2014


Rules update: Oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting

welding tip and sparks

Oregon OSHA recently adopted a new rule, 437-002-2253, covering oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting. The new rule applies to employers who do general industry and construction work. Previously, there were separate rules for general industry employers and construction employers.

The rule, effective May 1, 2015, establishes safe practices for users of oxygen fuel gas for welding, cutting, soldering, brazing, and flame coating.

Key requirements in 437-002-2253:

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Oregon OSHA shares "12 Days of Hazards" photo series on Facebook

uncapped rebar

Oregon OSHA is posting a new hazard photo from inspections each day as part of the "12 Days of Hazards" series on Facebook. Learn from some of the issues inspectors see in real workplaces by clicking over to the Oregon OSHA Facebook page:

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