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December 15, 2014


Want to share "safety" for the holidays? Give an Oregon OSHA app

graphic of start screen of portable ladder app

You can't put them under a tree or gift-wrap them, but Oregon OSHA apps may be just the thing to put someone on the path to a safer new year. Here are some suggestions:

Mobile apps

These apps, available on iTunes and Google Play, are intended for mobile devices, but they will work on deskbound computers, too.

Lifting calculator. Faced with a repetitive lifting task? This app helps you estimate the maximum safe weight for various lifting scenarios. Simply indicate where your lift begins and estimate the number of lifts per minute and the hours of lifting per day. The app calculates the maximum safe lifting weight, with an additional limit for more than 45 degrees of twisting during lifting. Built with help from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

How to select and use a portable ladder. Let's assume your supervisor wants you to use a portable ladder to climb onto a 17-foot-high roof. What type of ladder will you use and how will you set it up? This app shows you how to do it.

Desktop apps

Desktop apps are designed to work from deskbound computers, so they are nice if you don't have a mobile device. These desktop apps will work well on mobile devices, too, so go ahead and share the link with all your friends.

Fall distance educator. Is it possible to hit the ground before your shock-absorbing lanyard stops your fall? Of course. Oregon OSHA's fall distance educator shows you how to calculate your fall distance and your free-fall distance with three different scenarios.

GHS Safety Data Sheet and label guidelines. What's up with the globally harmonized system for classifying hazardous chemicals? It's not too late to learn about safety data sheets, safety labels, and pictograms. This app helps you understand them.

What's wrong with this picture. Some hazards are obvious. Others are not so easy to identify. Test your skill at finding real workplace hazards in photos taken by Oregon OSHA compliance officers.


Safety minutes. Oregon OSHA's Tomas Schwabe created 14 one-minute audio messages about job safety in English and Spanish. Topics include accident investigation, bloodborne pathogens, excavations, fall protection, and 10 others. Take a listen and find out how much you can learn about workplace safety in just 14 minutes.

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Oregon OSHA shares "12 Days of Hazards" photo series on Facebook


Oregon OSHA is posting a new hazard photo from inspections each day as part of the "12 Days of Hazards" series on Facebook. Learn from some of the issues inspectors see in real workplaces by clicking over to the Oregon OSHA Facebook page:

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