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January 21, 2015


No changes to Oregon OSHA's recordkeeping and reporting requirements, yet

Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet

You might have heard that federal OSHA expanded the requirements in its recordkeeping rule (29 CFR 1904) and that those requirements went into effect Jan. 1, 2015. However, the requirements apply only to employers located in states under federal OSHA’s jurisdiction. In Oregon, most employers fall under Oregon OSHA’s jurisdiction. Employers who are covered by federal OSHA are maritime employers, private contractors on military reservations and at Crater Lake National Park, and Indian reservations.

What this means is that employers under Oregon OSHA’s jurisdiction should continue to follow the requirements in Oregon OSHA’s current recordkeeping and reporting rule, 437-001-0700 (Division 1). Oregon OSHA has two fact sheets that describe the requirements: Reporting work-related incidents and Recording and posting work-related incidents.

Oregon OSHA will be proposing revisions to its recordkeeping and reporting requirements soon, but they will not become effective until after the revised rule has been adopted.

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