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February 20, 2015

steel and wood construction

Steel erection Q&A: Limited use of structural steel in wood-frame construction

Do Oregon OSHA's steel erection rules (Division 3, Subdivision R) apply to the limited use of structural steel such as a load supporting I-beam within a house built using traditional wood-frame construction and methods?

No. The definition of structural steel in 1926.751 includes beams only where those beams are "integrated with the structural steel framing of a building." The limited use of structural steel, whether load supporting or not, in a predominantly wood-framed house such as a steel I-beam supported by or supporting wood framing is not covered by Division 3, Subdivision R rules.

However, where a traditionally wood-framed house incorporates a sub-system of interconnected structural steel components, such as steel I-beams connected to load-carrying vertical steel columns creating a steel skeletal frame, then that subsystem and the interconnected structural steel components are covered by Division 3, Subdivision R rules.

See Oregon OSHA program directive A-251 for more information about steel erection standards for construction.


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