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April 20, 2015


Fall prevention: Falls in the Oregon construction industry (infographic)

In Oregon, construction-related falls accounted for 407 compensable construction-injury claims in 2013 (the last year complete data are available). More than half of those injuries (56 percent) resulted from falls from elevated surfaces. What are Oregon construction workers falling from? Any discussion about falls should focus on ladders, roofs, nonmoving vehicles and machinery, and scaffolds; they are the source for more than 80 percent of the injuries caused by falls from elevated surfaces.

Infographic: Falls in the Oregon construction industry

Falls from elevation infographic

Reminder: OSHA's second national safety Stand-Down to prevent construction falls is May 4-15. Last year's Stand-Down reached more than 1 million workers. This year, OSHA hopes to reach more than 3 million workers during the 12-day event. Employers and workers are encouraged to take a short break and discuss fall hazards at their workplaces and how to prevent them.



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