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May 12, 2015

bungee cord

Construction Q&A: Can I use bungee cords to secure equipment?

Q: Does Oregon OSHA have rules prohibiting the use of bungee cords to secure equipment in the workplace? I frequently use them to keep lightweight items such as brooms, small stepladders, and single cases of fluorescent light tubes upright. I was recently told that this is a safety violation.

A: Oregon OSHA does not have rules prohibiting the use of bungee cords when they are used appropriately. Remember, the attachment hook can slap back and hit you in the face if it slips from your hands. Consider using eye protection if you are putting the cord under much tension when you are securing equipment. Ratchet-type straps and straps with Velcro fasteners will also work for keeping lightweight items upright against a wall or a door. Chains or wire cables should be used to secure heavy or bulky items.



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