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Construction Depot

Safety and health newsletter for the Oregon construction industry

July 15, 2015

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Federal OSHA's new silica rule - don't hold your breath

You might recall that the major rulemaking news in late 2013 was a long-awaited Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on silica in the Sept. 12 Federal Register, but no one was waiting with bated breath for the announcement. Federal OSHA sent the proposal to the Office of Management and Budget for vetting in February 2011, which took a glacial 921 days to accomplish.

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Hazard communication standard guide

Construction Q & A - Hazard communication: general contractor responsibilities

Q: As a general contractor, what are my responsibilities when subcontractors at a multi-employer site use hazardous chemicals?

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Developed through grant funding from Oregon OSHA

Oregon OSHA accepting grant applications for innovative training programs

Oregon OSHA is now accepting grant applications for innovative workplace safety and health training programs such as mobile apps, videos, or online educational games to engage workers.

The grants are intended to focus on training programs that target a high-hazard Oregon industry such as construction, agriculture, and logging, or a specific work process, to reduce or eliminate hazards. Any association or educational institution affiliated with a labor group or other nonprofit organization may apply for up to $40,000 per grant without a requirement for any matching dollars or in-kind contributions.

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Rule at a glance app for occupational noise exposure

Try out our beta "Rule at a glance" app - let us know what you think

Did you ever wish you could get a quick summary of an Oregon OSHA rule - or a key requirement of an Oregon OSHA rule - on your phone or another mobile device instead of trying to navigate through an unwieldy PDF document? No? Even if that thought is not on your wish list, we want your help as we test the concept.

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Fact sheets

Two new Oregon OSHA fact sheets cover oxygen-fuel gas requirements

Two new fact sheets from Oregon OSHA cover key requirements in the agency's oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting rule (437-002-2253), which went into effect May 1 and applies to general industry and construction employers.

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