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July 15, 2015

Rule at a glance app for occupational noise exposure

Try out our beta "Rule at a glance" app - let us know what you think

Did you ever wish you could get a quick summary of an Oregon OSHA rule – or a key requirement of an Oregon OSHA rule – on your phone or another mobile device instead of trying to navigate through an unwieldy PDF document? No? Even if that thought is not on your wish list, we want your help as we test the concept.

Let's say a co-worker asks you about a key requirement in one of our rules – take occupational noise exposure as an example. You know that the rule requires employers to establish a hearing conservation program, but you're not sure about the details. What can you do? You could look up the requirement in our Division 2 rules. Or you could use this mobile app. Go ahead, give both a try. Which do you prefer?

If you like the concept – or even if you don't – we want to know what you think. Email your suggestions and comments to Ellis Brasch,



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