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August 17, 2015


Broken body parts: Falls from elevation in the Oregon construction industry (infographic)

The human body is not well adapted to hard, sudden impacts.

There were 509 accepted workers’ compensation claims for injuries from construction-related falls between 2013 and 2014. As it turns out — and perhaps it is not too surprising — few body parts remained unscathed in those 509 injuries. Thirty-eight percent of the falls left workers with injuries affecting multiple body parts — a shorthand term for various combinations of head, neck, trunk, back, shoulder, hip, leg, and upper and lower limb trauma.

Individually, legs, backs (including spine and spinal cord), and shoulders also took a beating — accounting for an additional 26 percent of the broken body parts.

Even a fall without apparent trauma can leave a worker disabled. Consider the single "body systems" case in the infographic. “Body systems” applies to cases where “the functioning of the entire body… has been affected without specific injury to any other part of the body.”

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