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September 16, 2015

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Emoticon for dead

The other workplace fatalities

This year (as of Sept. 15), there have been 44 initial reports of workplace fatalities in Oregon. Of those 44 fatalities, 19 were caused physical trauma – falls, motor vehicle accidents, machinery accidents, and similar events that are typically included in official fatality reports. The other 24 workers (56 percent) died from "natural causes" – events such as heart attack, stroke, and other medical conditions that happened at work but were not necessarily work related. In 2014, the number of reported workplace fatalities was 31; not included in that number were 22 others whose deaths fell into the category of natural causes.

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Call 911

Serious workplace injury? Dial 911 first.

When a worker needs medial attention for a serious injury (or any other medical condition), call 911. Do not rely on self-assessments or medical assessments from well-intentioned co-workers. This year, a number of workplace medical emergencies have left workers waiting while co-workers discussed whether a 911 call was necessary.

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BOLI 9-in-1 poster

Does a required poster cost $84? Nope, it's a scam.

Compliance poster solicitations may look official, but they are scams that charge employers $84 for posters that are free on the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) website.

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