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Safety and health newsletter for the Oregon construction industry

October 19, 2015

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The leading cause of serious construction-related accidents in Oregon this year: Falls from elevation


That fact may not be surprising, but each accident is a unique case that offers a lesson worth remembering. Through Oct. 15 this year, there have been 23 construction-related accidents reported to Oregon OSHA in which at least one worker required overnight hospitalization, and there were four accidents in which workers died because of their injuries – a total of 27 cases. Nineteen of those 27 cases were the result of falls from these elevated surfaces:

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Oregon OSHA's most violated rule: hazard communication (Infographic)


The written hazard communication program [1910.1200(e)] has been Oregon OSHA's most violated safety and health rule every year since 2008. Two other hazard communication rules have also stayed on Oregon OSHA's 10 most violated rules list since 2008: Safety data sheets [1910.1200(g)] and Employee information and training [1910.1200(h)]. Together, violations of these three requirements of the hazard communication standard account for nearly one-third of all the top-10 violations.

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New Oregon OSHA fact sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for the construction industry

New fact sheet

Oregon OSHA's latest fact sheet – Fall protection trigger heights for the construction industry, lists the minimum heights at which workers must be protected from falling when they are on unprotected walking and working surfaces.

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