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October 19, 2015


Oregon OSHA’s most violated rule: hazard communication (Infographic)

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The written hazard communication program [1910.1200(e)] has been Oregon OSHA's most violated safety and health rule every year since 2008. Two other hazard communication rules have also stayed on Oregon OSHA's 10 most violated rules list since 2008: Safety data sheets [1910.1200(g)] and Employee information and training [1910.1200(h)]. Together, violations of these three requirements of the hazard communication standard account for nearly one-third of all the top-10 violations.

Although Oregon OSHA's General fall-protection requirements rule [437-003-1501] is the most violated rule within the construction industry, contractors whose employees use or may be exposed to hazardous chemicals should not overlook the requirements for a written hazard communication program.

General contractors must ensure that all employers who use hazardous chemicals at a site follow the requirements for a written hazard communication program in the Hazard Communication Standard. The written program must also describe the methods they will use to:

Subcontractors at the site can use an existing hazard communication program if that program meets all of the above requirements.



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