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February 22, 2016

Graphic of an aerial lift accident

Aerial lifts: Don't forget to follow the manufacturer's instructions

What is the most important thing you should understand before you use an aerial lift? The information in the operator's manual. Many, if not most, work-related injuries involving aerial lifts happen when operators assume they know how to operate a lift, but do not follow the manufacturer's instructions. Regardless of the type of lift you use – a boom-supported lift or a scissor lift – you must follow the lift manufacturer's operating and maintenance instructions. Also, you must be trained by a person who understands the hazards associated with the lift.

What you must know

What you must do

Oregon OSHA's requirements for aerial lifts

How injuries happen: four examples

The following cases – taken from the Safety Notes column in past issues of Oregon OSHA's Resource newsletter – illustrate four different injury events involving aerial lifts. What did they have in common? The operators did not follow the instructions in the operator's manual.

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