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February 22, 2016


Construction-related injuries in Oregon by county: Infographic

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As you might expect, Oregon's top five counties with the most workers also had the most accepted claims for disabling injuries: Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Marion, and Lane. Together, those counties accounted for about two-thirds of all accepted claims statewide – across all industries and in the construction industry.

Among those five counties, however, Washington County had the largest proportion of construction-related claims (12.3 percent), followed by Clackamas County (10.1 percent), Lane County (8.1 percent), Multnomah County (7.1 percent), and Marion County (6.4 percent).


Data source: "Accepted disabling claims by county of occurrence and industry, Oregon 2014" – DCBS, Central Services Division, August 2015.



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