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February 13 , 2012

Photograph of money

The cost of workplace accidents: it’s more than you think

It’s time for a quiz. Let’s say you own a construction company, you have workers’ compensation insurance, and one of you workers is injured on the job. What’s the total cost of the claim, including wage replacement and medical treatment? ... Read more ...

Picture of a test tube of blood

Get the lead out – blood lead reporting in Oregon

According to a new report from the Oregon Health Authority, some manufacturing and construction jobs still have an increased risk for high blood-lead levels – especially jobs involving battery manufacturing, painting, and wall covering.

... Read more ...

Forklift with rigging lifting a pole

Free rigging and forklifts

Raise your hand if you’ve attached slings or shackles to the forks of a powered industrial truck for a below-the-forks lift. It’s a common practice, but is it safe? That was a question raised at last week’s monthly meeting of the Construction Advisory Committee. ... Read more ...
Picture of a step ladder

How ladder accidents happen

Every year, more workers are injured in falls from ladders than from any other elevated surface — including roofs, scaffolds, balconies, and even stairs. Why? Most falls happen because ... Read more ...
worker with oxygen tank entering tunnel

Oregon OSHA’s new Confined Spaces rule delayed

Back in 2007, federal OSHA proposed a new rule to protect construction workers from hazards in confined spaces and, because of that proposal, Oregon OSHA initiated rulemaking for its own construction-related confined space rule in 2008. ... Read more ...

traffic control handbook

New ODOT temporary traffic control handbook available

The Oregon Department of Transportation recently revised its Temporary Traffic Control Handbook, which is a useful companion to the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Printed copies of the Temporary Traffic Control Handbook are available at the Development Center of Chemeketa Community College in Salem. Call 503-399-5181. ... Read more ...

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Cascade Occupational Safety and Health Conference coming to Eugene

Oregon OSHA is one of several partners presenting the Cascade Occupational Safety and Health Conference at Eugene’s Valley River Inn, located at 1000 Valley River Way. The event is built around the theme, “By choice, not chance – don’t gamble with safety” and will highlight training to improve on-the-job safety performance. ... Read more ...


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