Safety and health newsletter for the Oregon construction industry

August 14, 2012

grinder wheel with tape measure

Tool box talk: Abrasive wheel grinders

Abrasive wheel grinders come in many styles, sizes, and designs.

Grinders operate at very high speeds - the wheels often rotate at several thousand rpms. If a grinding wheel shatters while in use, the fragments can travel more than 300 mph, ... Read more ...

protective goggles

Tool box talk: Laser levels

Although laser levels have been used on construction sites for years,

their use is increasing with instruments that can define plum, level, and square reference points, and can establish vertical or horizontal planes. But the narrow beam that makes laser levels effective isn't entirely risk free. ... Read more ...

Carbon monoxide danger

Carbon monoxide and small gas powered engines

Although carbon monoxide's reputation as a silent killer is well known, it continues to find unsuspecting victims at worksites in Oregon.

In July, construction workers operating a gas-powered saw and other internal combustion engine equipment in a warehouse were overcome by carbon monoxide despite the employer's effort to keep air moving with commercial fans. ... Read more ...


Lightning awareness: What are your chances of getting zapped?

There haven't been any recent work-related incidents in Oregon caused by lightning strikes,

but that doesn't mean they won't happen. In North Stonington, Conn., for example 15 golf course workers were "affected" by a lightning strike in June. And in July, emergency workers rushed two construction workers to the hospital in Northland, Kan., after they were apparently struck by lightning. ... Read more ...

Megaphone hearing loss

Noise induced hearing loss: perception versus reality

In a recent study of nearly 2,600 workers at a Midwest auto plant,

public health researchers found that 76 percent of the workers thought their hearing was excellent or good. However, tests revealed that 42 percent of those workers had hearing loss. ... Read more ...

Smart phones

Using Apps for workplace safety and health

I recently phoned a colleague and was directed to his voicemail.

His message contained the basic details, but had an unusual direction to try his pager number. His pager number? Most of us transitioned from pagers to mobile phones sometime in the 1990s. From there we later upgraded to ... Read more ...


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