Safety and health newsletter for the Oregon construction industry


November 19, 2012

man painting gutters using harness on scaffold

Factors to consider in evaluating fall hazards


Determine how workers will get to elevated surfaces to do their jobs. Will workers be using portable ladders, supported scaffolds, aerial lifts, or suspension platforms to reach work areas? Which ones will they use? How and where will they use the equipment?

Job-specific hazards:

Identify jobs that could expose workers to falls. Using job plans, review the construction project. Evaluate each phase from the ground up. Ensure that all walking/working surfaces have the strength to support workers and their equipment.

Hazards on walking/working surfaces:

Identify walking/working surfaces that could expose workers to falls. Examples are floors, roofs, ramps, bridges, runways, formwork, beams, columns, trusses, and rebar.


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