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Construction Depot

Construction Depot is a newsletter focusing on safe work practices for the construction industry - news you can use to make your workplace a safer, healthier one.

June 2017

  • Construction Q&A: How should I post safety committee minutes?
  • Heads up: Summer's coming
  • Oregon OSHA consultant George Vorhauer wins 2017 Blue Star Award
  • Celebrate Safe + Sound Week, June 12-18
  • Manual material handling: Reduce the strain to ease the pain

May 2017

  • Construction Q&A: Aluminum ladders at construction sites
  • An introduction to personal exposure monitoring
  • Why you should know about radiofrequency radiation

April 2017

  • Changes coming to Oregon OSHA’s general industry Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Protective Equipment rules
  • Pay attention: April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
  • Derrick truck operators face hazards when climbing up and down a derrick with the boom rotated

March 2017

  • Sanitary facilities at construction projects: who pays?
  • What you might not know about floors
  • Construction Q & A: How does Oregon OSHA's electrical safety-related work practices rule [1926.416] apply to photovoltaics construction projects?

February 2017

  • It's February. Do you know where your OSHA 300-A summary is?
  • GOSH 2017: It's less than a month away
  • New and revised Oregon OSHA publications
  • Construction Q & A: Supported scaffolds
  • Toolbox talk: Anatomy of a ladder fall

January 2017

  • New Oregon OSHA publications
  • Construction Q & A: Ladder grasping devices
  • The safety director's companion
  • Don't forget the Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit in Bend, Jan. 30-31

December 2016

  • OSHA publishes safe practice guide for construction-industry employers
  • Seven ways to prevent falls at your site
  • Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit returns to Bend in January
  • Construction Q & A - asbestos-containing material in wallboard or drywall
  • Infographic: Initial reports of the top 10 workplace fatality causes in Oregon
  • Infographic: Oregon OSHA's top 10 construction violations: Jan.1-Dec.7, 2016

November 2016

  • Heads up: Fall protection requirements for construction are about to change
  • Oregon OSHA adopts changes to 437-001-0700, Recording Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
  • Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit returns to Bend in January
  • Silica: OSHA publishes compliance guide for the construction industry

October 2016

  • Infographics: Oregon's history of pure premium rate changes
  • Construction Q&A: I’m working near an RF rooftop antenna. What are my risks?
  • An overview of Oregon OSHA’s new silica rule
  • Hearings set for proposed amendments to 437-001-0700, Recording workplace injuries and illnesses

September 2016

  • Construction Q&A: Are pictograms required on SDS Sheets?
  • Construction Q&A: How many people can work on a boom-supported work platform?
  • Excavation safety: requirements for competent persons
  • Infographic: Falls in the Oregon construction industry
  • Oregon Healty Workforce Center creates Total Worker Health toolkit
  • Safer alternatives to methylene chloride and other toxic paint removers

August 2016

  • What you should know about ladder accidents
  • Hearings scheduled for proposed silica rules
  • Proposed changes to eye and face protection consensus standards
  • NIOSH unveils its engineering controls database

July 2016

  • Construction Q&A: Who can be a qualified rigger?
  • Construction Q&A: Using compressed air cleaning for cleaning concrete forms
  • How do you identify hazards? Here are six things you can do
  • Behind the wheel and distracted to death
  • Watch out for overhead power lines

May 2016

  • The final hazard communication deadline is June 1, 2016. Are you prepared?
  • Top 5 construction violations in Oregon, January to April 2016
  • Retention periods for Oregon OSHA-required documents
  • Layton Construction 'stands down' for falls in construction

April 2016

  • Fatal traumatic brain injuries in the construction industry
  • Employee involvement: Then and now
  • Construction Q&A: Lateral load requirements for fall protection anchors
  • Thai docs, Oregon OSHA, OHSU tour new Cooper Mountain High School construction site
  • ACCOSH to discuss Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines for the construction industry

March 2016

  • Oregon OSHA adopts changes to construction-industry fall protection rules
  • Avoiding carbon monoxide at home and at work
  • Sprung forward - feeling OK?
  • Save the date: Blue Mountain Safety & Health Conference, June 2016

February 2016

  • It's February. Have you posted your OSHA 300-A summary?
  • Cascade Occupational Safety & Health Conference coming to Eugene in March
  • Safety Break for Oregon coming in May
  • Construction-related injuries in Oregon by county: Infographic
  • Aerial lifts: Don't forget to follow the manufacturer's instructions
  • Recently released Oregon OSHA publications
  • Construction Q&A: Trench depth with multiple soil types

January 2016

2015 Summary Infographics

  • Timeline of workplace fatalities reported to Oregon OSHA
  • Oregon OSHA's top 10 construction violations
  • Oregon OSHA's top 10 construction violations ranked by average penalty

December 2015

  • Box trucks and internal-combustion engines can be deadly
  • Construction Q&A: Can I disconnect backup alarms on heavy equipment?
  • Workplace injuries can harm family members, too
  • New reporting and recordkeeping rules take effect Jan. 1, 2016
  • Oregon OSHA to propose changes to construction fall-protection requirements
  • Mid-Oregon construction (and agriculture) Safety Summit returns to Bend in January

October 2015

  • The leading cause of serious construction-related accidents in Oregon this year: Falls from elevation
  • Oregon OSHA's most violated rule: hazard communication (Infographic)
  • New Oregon OSHA fact sheet: Fall protection trigger heights for the construction industry

September 2015

  • The other workplace fatalities
  • Serious workplace injury? Dial 911 first.
  • Does a required poster cost $84? Nope, it's a scam.

August 2015

  • Rules update: Oregon OSHA proposes new electric power generation rules
  • Construction Q&A: Can I wear "sports eyewear" for eye protection?
  • What's in a name? Personal fall limiters
  • Broken body parts: Falls from elevation in the Oregon construction industry (infographic)

July 2015

  • Federal OSHA's new silica rule - don't hold your breath
  • Construction Q & A - Hazard communication: general contractor responsibilities
  • Oregon OSHA accepting grant applications for innovative training programs
  • Try out our beta "Rule at a glance" app - let us know what you think
  • Two new Oregon OSHA fact sheets cover oxygen-fuel gas requirements

June 2015

  • Construction Q&A: High-visibility apparel
  • Work zone safety: Slow down, be aware
  • Beat the heat
  • The top 5 sources of workplace injuries (infographic)
  • Newly revised Oregon OSHA publications

May 2015

  • Scissor lift safety: preventing tip overs
  • Fall protection: Inspect your full-body harness in four easy steps (infographic)
  • New oxygen fuel gas rule, effective May 1, now applies to general industry and construction employers
  • Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences to host temporary worker symposium
  • Construction Q&A: Can I use bungee cords to secure equipment?

April 2015

  • Housekeeping: Keep the site clean
  • Fall prevention: Falls in the Oregon construction industry (infographic)
  • Fall protection: Know the trigger heights
  • Q&A: Are construction elevators required on multistoried buildings under construction?
  • Dig this: April is National Safe Digging Month
  • April 28: Workers Memorial Day
  • May 13: Safety Break

March 2015

  • Using liquid ballast in off-road tires
  • Personal fall arrest systems – responding to emergencies
  • Construction Q&A: Cranes and trenches
  • Rules update

February 2015

  • Multi-employer worksites: General contractor responsibilities
  • It's February. Have you posted your 300A form?
  • Steel erection Q&A: Limited use of structural steel in wood-frame construction
  • Rule update: Electric power generation, transmission, and distribution standards in general industry and construction
  • Rule update: Recordkeeping
  • It's not too late to preregister for GOSH

January 2015

  • Flexible cords facts
  • How to "ring test" a grinding wheel
  • No changes to Oregon OSHA's recordkeeping and reporting requirements, yet
  • Proposed changes to Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution standards delayed
  • Oregon GOSH Conference coming to Portland
  • 12th Annual Safety Break for Oregon

December 2014

  • A simple way to lower noise levels: add distance
  • Rules update: Oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting
  • Powder-actuated tools: Oregon OSHA requirements and ANSI guidelines
  • Want to share "safety" for the holidays? Give an Oregon OSHA app
  • Construction safety summit coming to Bend in January

November 2014

  • Keys to effective safety supervision
  • Fall protection tops construction industry's most frequent violated rules - again
  • Rulemaking updates
  • The terminal velocity of a tape measure and other facts about falling objects

October 2014

  • Harris Products recalls welding torch handles due to fire hazard
  • Oregon OSHA's new fall distance educator
  • Q&A: Suspending equipment from a crane overnight
  • Who is responsible for safety at a multi-employer construction site?

September 2014

  • Repairing a broken hand tool? Check with the manufacturer first
  • An accident waiting to happen
  • Ladder safety: Be careful on those top steps
  • Don't forget. Call before you dig
  • Deadline approaching for GOSH Award nominations

August 2014

  • How to dig your own grave
  • Using ladders last
  • Tool-box topics: Powder-actuated tools
  • Trigger heights: When to protect workers from falling
  • Public hearing on confined space standard: Aug. 25

July 2014

  • Pneumatic pipe plugs - use them safely
  • Oregon GOSH Conference accepting safety award nominations
  • Outdoor awareness for the summer
  • Preventing back-over accidents at construction sites

May 2014

  • Fall protection requirements for aerial lifts
  • Evaluating safety culture and safety climate in construction
  • Career fair builds interest for Oregon girls in trades

April 2014

  • Construction-related falls in Oregon - 2013
  • Work-related pedestrian fatalities in Oregon
  • Protective systems for excavations more than 20 feet deep
  • Hand safety tips for masons
  • Oregon OSHA to change oxy-fuel gas standard in general industry and construction
  • Today's pop quiz question: What's the maximum spacing between balusters on a guardrail?
  • Communication towers and falling objects
  • Oregon's Safety Break slated for May

March 2014

  • Impaired driving - lack of sleep will do it, too
  • Blue Mountain safety conference coming to Pendleton
  • The Building Trades National Medical Screening Program
  • Court of Appeals clarifies fall protection requirements for scaffold erectors and dismantlers

February 2014

  • Preventing battery explosions
  • Using horizontal lifeline system for fall restraining in decking and leading edge work
  • Oregon OSHA issues seventh citation against Woodburn construction company for safety violations
  • Keep informed about construction safety

January 2014

  • Pneumatic pipe plugs – select and use them safely
  • Wobble Lights – Read the manual before you use them
  • Cascade Occupational Safety and Health Conference coming to Eugene in April
  • CPWR offers new Tool Box Talks
  • New PESO training materials on GHS-aligned hazard communication
  • Employers invited to celebrate Safety Break for Oregon

December 2013

  • Construction industry's top 10 serious safety and health violations for 2013
  • Medical conditions among fatalities reported to Oregon OSHA in 2013
  • Construction industry safety summit coming to Bend
  • Interactive hazard communication training on labels and safety data sheets available in Spanish

November 2013

  • Health hazards in construction, part 4: the written respiratory protection program
  • Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit returns to Bend in January
  • New apps and publications

October 2013

  • New website helps assess risks
  • Health hazards in construction, part 3
  • Feeling comfortable wihtout fall protection?
  • Hazard communication training deadline approaches

September 2013

  • OR-FACE publishes interactive fatality maps
  • Health hazards in construction, part 2
  • Silica: OSHA publishes notice of proposed rulemaking
  • Aerial lifts and lanyards

August 2013

  • Portable ladders: Where did the "quarter length rule" come from?
  • Temporary workers and workplace safety
  • Health hazards in construction
  • Central Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference is Sept. 18-19

July 2013

  • Oregon OSHA's proposed crane operator training rule suspended
  • Hazard communication Q&A: When do I need my safety data sheets?
  • It's still true: You don't have to fall far to get hurt
  • New confined space guide available

June 2013

  • Contractors, don't forget to protect your employees from falls
  • New from NIOSH: Straight talk about nail gun safety
  • Outdoor awareness for the summer
  • New hazard communication training program from the CPWR

May 2013

  • Construction workers account for most contractor deaths nationwide, BLS study shows
  • Sunscreen – does Oregon OSHA require workers to use it?
  • By the numbers: hand injuries caused by powered hand tools, 2008-2012
  • Extension cords – who can repair them?
  • New publication from The Center for Construction Research and Training

April 2013

  • Safety Break for Oregon set for May 8
  • Weld splatter torches fall arrest harness
  • Fall protection Q&A: When can I use a safety monitor?
  • Don't forget to report overnight hospitalizations and fatalities
  • Rule updates

March 2013

  • Considering the worker in workplace safety and health
  • Hazard communication – do you know what's in that portable container?
  • Construction safety leaders honored at GOSH conference
  • Fall protection – is that roof-top anchor safe?
  • A look at construction fatalities in 2012

February 2013

  • It's February. Do you know where your OSHA 300-A is?
  • Engine exhause - pick your poison
  • Arc flash - the dangers persist
  • Questions and answers about electrical cords and temporary power sources
  • Tool talk - coated hand tools and electrical hazards
  • Update on Oregon OSHA's proposed rules
  • GOSH conference coming in March

January 2013

  • Rulemaking: Hearings scheduled on three Oregon OSHA proposed rules
  • The story behind Oregon OSHA's proposed small-capacity crane rules
  • How much can you safely lift? Try Oregon OSHA's new lift calculator
  • Sawing concrete? Use water.


Archived issues: 2001 - 2012