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December 2012

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Public education section offers updated, new classes

Oregon OSHA is now offering updated classes on Confined Spaces and Hazard Communication, along with the new course titled "Identifying and Controlling Hazards." The two updated classes reflect rule changes now in effect. Jason Jantzi, public education manager, said the new course will help focus on how hazards are being created.

"Too often employers focus on simply finding and fixing hazards that are present," said Jantzi. "This class melds root cause analysis, which is normally associated with accident investigation, with the hazard identification process that is done every day."

Jantzi said this type of process offers a more thorough understanding of why that hazard exists so a company can eliminate it for good.

"By taking steps now to identify and control hazards, you can substantially reduce the risk of a workers' compensation claim," Jantzi said.

Find more information about these classes and the public education schedule at

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