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April 2013

Newberg winery makes safety a priority

Cellar master Aaron Kendall of Adelsheim Vineyars in Newberg Oregon

Like many of Oregon's wineries, Adelsheim Vineyard in Newberg started as a small, family-owned operation in a cramped basement with a simple crusher and press. Now 40 years since the first vintage, the company has matured into a business with a grand tasting room, modern production facility, and 250 acres of red and white grapes.

As growth led to more demands on production, the vineyard added more employees. Through it all, Adelsheim's Vineyard Manager Chad Vargas said they have stayed committed to safety. Read article

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O[yes] – A partnership for the future. Read article

Using pesticides – 10 ways to stay out of trouble

Many people are shocked to learn herbicides like Roundup or disinfectants like Clorox bleach are pesticides. If the container bears an EPA Registration number, it's a pesticide.

Pesticides have the potential to harm more then just the pest if they're not used properly. Remember that the liability for improper application lies with the applicator. Here are 10 ways to stay out of trouble when you're using pesticides. Read article


GOSH 2013 attracts more than 1,650 attendees

The 2013 Oregon Governor's Occupational Safety and Health (GOSH) Conference in Portland attracted more than 1,650 attendees from as far away as Alaska and New Hampshire. The four-day event in March – the largest of its kind in the Northwest, featured 150 workshops and sessions, an awards luncheon, and safety and health exhibits from more than 120 organizations. Read article

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Safety Notes

Warehouse workers are sickened after the space is fogged with a pesticide.

Incident | Exposure to pesticides
Business | Food products
Employee | Shift workers

Employees at a 550,000-square-foot food-products warehouse were sickened when they came to work after the warehouse had been fogged with an insecticide (ULD BP-100) and an insect growth regulator (Nyguard IGR). Read article

News Briefs

Oregon announces 2012 workplace deaths

Finalists named in student safety video contest

Businesses invited to participate in Safety Break for Oregon May 8

Congratulations to the new SHARP employers

Going the Distance

Meet the owner of Red's Mountain Blueberries, one of Oregon's largest berry growers.


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Do rescuers need a permit to enter a confined space?

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