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June 2013

Safety Notes

Accident Report

Incident | Caught in machine
Business | Seafood processing
Employee | Assistant engineer

The assistant engineer at a fish processing plant was doing a routine inspection of an ice-making machine in a remote part of the plant.

As he had done during past inspections, he reached into the machine while the rotating scraper assembly was still running and scooped up a sample of ice to check its quality. (Employees at the plant routinely worked on such equipment without de-energizing and locking it out, even though there was a written hazardous energy control program in the office.) This time, his arm suddenly became trapped in the machine’s moving scraper assembly. He screamed for help until someone came to his rescue.

The accident resulted in nerve damage, traumatic muscle damage, frostbite, and limited use of his thumb.

Applicable standards

437-001-0760 (1)(a): The employer did not ensure that workers were properly instructed in the safe operation of machinery that they were authorized to use.

1910.147(c)(6)(i): The employer did not conduct periodic inspections of an energy control procedure at least annually to ensure that the procedure was followed.

1910.147(c)(7)(i): The employer did not provide training to ensure that employees understood the purpose and function of the energy control program and had the knowledge and skills required to apply, use, and remove energy controls.


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