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June 2013

Chemical complexity

Chemical awareness

High-tech manufacturer involves employees to manage exposures
By Melanie Mesaros

Oregon may be known for its high-tech manufacturing, but what may not be as obvious are the different chemicals used to fabricate the intricate circuit boards and wiring that keep electronics humming.

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Hazard Communication and the Right to Know Read article

What you should know about the globally harmonized hazard communication standard

By now, many of you have probably heard about the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) changes to the hazard communication standard. These changes, which apply to most workplaces, are based on the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System for classifying and labeling hazardous chemicals.

How will the globally harmonized hazard communication standard affect your workplace? Read article

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Safety Notes

The assistant engineer at a fish processing plant was doing a routine inspection of an ice-making machine in a remote part of the plant.

Incident: Caught in machine
Business: Seafood processing
Employee: Assistant engineer

As he had done during past inspections, he reached into the machine while the rotating scraper assembly was still running and scooped up a sample of ice to check its quality. Read article

News Briefs

Oregon OSHA reminds contractors of fall protection requirement

Fallen Oregon workers remembered during annual ceremony

Salem Academy students win statewide safety video contest

Safety Break for Oregon events promote safety statewide

Teens learn about trades and construction at Portland event

Going the Distance

Meet Steve Kosta, Safety and health coordinator for Huntair

I started with one of our sister companies many years ago as a production worker. Through the years, I have worked in almost every department. During that time, I have been involved in safety at one point or another and then started to do some training for our employees. In 2009, Huntair offered me the position of environmental health and safety manager. My philosophy is that I want all employees to think of safety before they start their day and any job they do. I want all of our employees to go home the same way they came in.

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I have a retail jewelry store with three full-time employees and three part-time employees. What supplies do I need in my first-aid kit?

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