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August 2013

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I know that my company's employees must be trained on the new 16-section safety data sheet format by Dec. 1, 2013, and that distributors must comply with the 16-section format by June 1, 2015. Will Oregon OSHA cite employers who have requested, but not received, new safety data sheets for their hazardous chemicals by June 1, 2015?


Because chemical manufacturers and distributors must comply with all requirements of the hazard communication standard by June 1, 2015, you should have no problem receiving new safety data sheets for currently produced chemicals.

You are not required to obtain a new safety data sheet for chemicals you get before June 1, 2015. You should receive one, however, with orders your company places after that date. If you request a safety data sheet, but the manufacturer or distributor can't (or won't) send you one, keep your documentation showing that you tried to get it in the new format; Oregon OSHA will not cite employers who have requested, but not received, new safety data sheets in these cases.

Manufacturers are not required to create safety data sheets for their discontinued chemicals. Employers should keep their material safety data sheets – regardless of the format – for those products.

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